I don’t feel sorry for you.

Thanks for reading.

This piece is not to paint Africa as wonderland. At the contrary I even fully share your point on the fact many progresses has to be done in Africa. This piece just shows the good sides people often ignore. It’s not optimistic at all. It’s factual. All I’ve writen is 100% true.

But this said, You’re just making the mistake I criticize. You refers to «many countries in Africa»… Be factual, how many of the 54?

Do you really know about Malaria?

In Benin, Malaria is not an epidemic. And in case you don’t know, some traditionnal medecines are way better to treat malaria than any modern ones. Actually, one of the most efficient treatment has been created by a beninese doctor, fully inspired by traditionnal medecine. Go check it on Forbes

Have you ever been in Africa ? I’m pretty sure no. And if you have, i’m sorry all people show you was «that side» :(

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