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I find myself thinking about you, more often than not and although it’s a strange feeling for someone I just met, it feels divine, simply because you satisfy my thoughts. Thoughts of spending time with you on our first date. Sitting side by side rather than across from you because I want your scent to ignite my olfactory nerve, so if I ever come across it again, today’s memory will live for tomorrow’s nostalgia. Thoughts of gazing at you while you make your signature shy smirk simply because you wouldn’t let my eyes see through you. A little mystery is good for the soul so I give you a subtle peck, while I stroke your braids behind your ear, insinuating I’m fine with it for now and knowing that in due time, you’d let me in. Thoughts of our first kiss happening in the moment, as I bid you goodnight while struggling to let go of you because of the invisible force of attraction in between us, as I stand north to you, and you, south to me. Thoughts of my tongue in your mouth, savoring what we just had for dinner, while goosebumps erupt on your inner thighs. I’m nervous but I hope everything falls into place. Hope you recognize that the idea of you in such proximity to me brings me to climax without sex and you do it all with regal grace. This letter took twelve minutes to write, how long before you realize that if these words appeal to you, it’s because I find you enthralling, as they are a reflection of my mind; an integral part of me?