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So this week, I stumbled across an amazing app while reading Tim Ferris’s book The 4-Hour Work Week. And yes, according to Tim and many of the “Newly Rich” gang, a 4-hour work week is not only possible but within closer reach than most even realise.

It’s amazing how much of our busy work, and even personal lives, are wasted on the little things like checking emails and social media. And when done throughout the day everyday, a considerable amount of time is lost to less productive tasks. So this week I’m sharing Freedom App, one of Tim’s recommended apps for cutting out the little time wasters to free you up to make the bigger things happen.

First things first, Freedom App is an app and website blocker that allows you to restrict the amount of time you spend each day on the websites and social media that seem to eat away at your time. For instance, you can block out let’s say a 4-hour session of no website and social media access when you’re writing that pressing report that’s sat on your to-do list the past few days, without the temptation to waste time watching the latest twerk video that seems to have broken the internet. You can also schedule sessions at specific times/days, or all-day for crucial times when high levels of productivity are key.

Secondly, the app is super easy to use on both desktop and smart phone, and once installed on both, works across devices seamlessly. Not only that it can be installed on an unlimited number of devices, so no sneak peeking on your tablet or work laptop.

Lastly, no need to panic! As Tim mentions in his book, it’s very rare that there are many truly urgent matters that arise in the day. Emails can often wait, allowing you to spend time on the tasks that will really bring effective results or better yet, those things we actually enjoy doing. And as for social media, well that can wait too. But in case being a part of the conversation and staying in the know is paramount to your career (and/or life happiness) you can always limit the time they’re blocked to begin with. And for a complete fail safe, there’s a setting you can use to turn off a Freedom session at any time you wish.

Freedom App is available on both Windows and Mac, and Android and ios phones. Check it out at the link below:

Freedom: Internet, App and Website Blocker

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