• Black Coffee

There was a girl who drank coffee

She drank it strong and black

Because she liked the smell

And the way it made her feel.

It filled her with rich warmth

And for a minute,

Took away her cold.

The girl got a cup of coffee

To celebrate her friends,

The moment they became her family

A family she never expected to be cool enough for.

The girl got a cup of coffee

To play a damsel in a play

A play she never expected to be good enough for.

The girl got a cup of coffee

For an excuse to go out with a boy,

And the girl got a cup of coffee

So she could stay awake all night

To talk to him.

And the girl got a cup of coffee

When she debated whether just loving him

Was enough.

She always liked it hot

Enough to burn the tip of her tongue

Enough to warm the tips of her fingers

She never liked it sweet

Or watered down

Always bitter and honest

True to its natural form.

If only people could be like coffee.

But they weren’t and they aren’t.

So she poured and purchased cup after cup

Until she was addicted.

When she was happy, excited, and nervous

When she was frustrated, thinking, and unsure

When the rumors got spread like butter

When her reputation seemingly crumbled like bread

When she realized maybe she was alone

She still drank her coffee

But it didn’t fill her emptiness.

Not like it usually did.

So the girl got yet another cup of coffee

And she drank it

Sitting alone in her room

To numb the whispers

To dull the stares

To suppress her appetite

To silence her thoughts.

But there are certain things in life

That even coffee

Cannot fix.


The girl started drinking tea.

Because coffee was something she used to drink

And the world didn’t seem to like that girl anymore.

But it wasn’t the same.


She got a cup of iced coffee

Because it was summer

And she didn’t want her tongue to burn anymore.

But after a while,

It was too watered down.

And she thought that maybe

She was just too strong for her coffee.

So the girl took the half empty

Or half full

Cup of coffee

And she threw it away.

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