Last winter I was in love

In love with the snow and the icy roads

In love with hands holding mine for warmth

In love with loud music and kissing by trains racing by

In love with all of the black coffee that entailed

This winter is coming

The air is brisk- it rained last night

But the orange and yellow leaves still crowd the streets

And here I am again

Closing another show,

Saying goodbye to another character I have learned to love.

Winter is hurling itself towards me

And I’m in love again

With a different set of hands and a different type of music

I’ve begun drinking almond milk cappuccinos

My new rides home say I need the protein

My father is watching a football game and my mother is baking banana bread with raisins inside

How stereotypical

And I’m outside for the sole purpose of writing a poem about winter

I know I know

Okay okay

For most, winter is an end.

And in a way it is,

But as per tradition,

For me,

Winter is a beginning.

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