Little One

His arms are like little sticks, but when he wraps them around me, the whole world melts away. His fingers are little enough to pick the lock to my bedroom door at night, so he can cuddle away his nightmares. His little smile is devious and charming, like he knowingly took the last cookie even though you wanted it. His little face makes his animated eyes look bigger and more curious than anything. His little body makes his big heart astonishing.

His little voice blends with mine, that is, when he allows his guard down enough to sing or dance with me.

His little cheek rests on my shoulder, never completely understanding his sister’s sadness but understanding that he has the capability to make it better.

His little “gewdnights” as he pokes his head cautiously into my room.

His little mind using adult sarcasm that makes my heart full.

He’s so little.

How can something so little be everything?