Queen of The Night

(An unedited freewrite)

Temptation of the window’s trap

You used to have to crank it down with a stubborn handle

I merely press a button

The air speeds rebelliously past the car and I revel in it

I move to the middle seat and outstretch my arms as an eagle would;

My fingertips catching the crisp moonlit air outside both windows

My chin lifts to the roof of the silver bullet shooting downtown

My eyes widen-

The street lamps highlighting the midnight pavement

The sun now hiding in fear of the sharp city lights

Even the stars don’t dare show themselves tonight

For the city is glamorous on its own without the sky’s assistance

My chest rises with a breath

The air tastes free on my tongue

The lights feel powerful in my fingers

The music sounds young in my heart as it resonates with every strong beat of the bass

The thoughts in my head dissolve

The laughter sends shivers up my spine

My skin tingles with excitement

It hurts like hell to not feel

There’s a sick and twisted happiness

Danger runs smoother in my veins than my own infected blood

I love every minute with every dark imagination and every giggle

Flying high and hitting the greatest low

Queen of this Small Town but not for much longer

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