I’ve written various forms of these before, but I thought it was time to try and updated version. I’ve used the prompts from the Atlassian Playbook.

I love to work in a trusting environment where team members support and challenge each other. There’s no…

Trying to get back on it — plus hills — via C2K

Week two of C25K — finally feeling some progress, feeling less like a lump of lead. Slightly cheating as there one run left to do before Week 3… but elated at running through the woods on the hunt for wild garlic.

2 x 30 minute runs comprising

6 x 90s jog

5 x 120s brisk walk

If I can bear to start recording these on Strava, it would be good to start capturing the elevation so I can remind myself that running up hills is something new (and hard)!


Been a great couple of weeks on the Receptions pre-discovery.

We had a big meeting with two other product teams last week:


I’ve been tidying up the Receptions work and preparing for what are (effectively) sales pitches next week — one at the weekly Show the Thing, and the other for a group of around 10–12 people who would ultimately be delivering the service we’re recommending within an already existing product.

Postcard depicting 1930s Interior, Harrison Hotel Reception

Weeknote 6:2019


When the work is finished, but also only just begun.

Last week, we returned the Findings and Recommendations document on the Prisons Receptions project to our sponsor. Essentially we’ve recommended that we prioritise surfacing critical information about incoming prisoners to staff. This means building some new things…

Naomi Turner

Product wrangler and service designer looking for next gig (ex @Justice_Digital / @coopdigital) @maintenancefest advocate and organiser.

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