#100DaysofCode Day 10: PeeWee WeeWee, all the way home.

It’s ORM time for my web application. I’ve not done this before and I’m choosing an ORM that I’ve been told is relatively easy to implement.

An ORM converts data so that programs that would usually not be able to recognize each other’s types can now do so. It’s a translator of sorts, if you will.

PeeWee (Where do these programmers come up with some of these names?) is one such translator. I’m going to be using it to perform database related tasks.

I’ve also created environment variables to distinguish between development and production, and the users who have access to those environments.

The internet is supposed to be this fountain of information and I’m sorting through the gunk looking for the gems and trying to read through information I don’t really understand. If you’ve got tips, please share!