Creating without Impetus

Day 1 | 2018

This is blog is going to have a very cliched start, by me saying that it’s been nothing sort of a rollercoaster of a year. Not that the calendar flipping from 2017 to 2018 or that I’ll fuck my cheques up by writing the wrong date, matters or is a milestone, but it’s a great way of just looking back at all that has happened.

I’m sure it was all ebbs and flow for everyone here, but I’m seeing a major flaw that I need to get over. Lack of Consistency.

I’ve been surrounded by exciting and hungry people, who to whatever capacity it may have been, needed support and presence. Needed me to enable them to do more. And that is some where I may have fucked up. It’s the consistency and the persistence that creates real impact. Impact that moves people and inspires/enables them to do more.

So, on that account I’m going to do the hardest thing there is. To create without impetus. Without purpose, without motivation that is nothing but intrinsic and a very raw way of creating a new habit.

To create something in any form that I can, a blog, a graphic, a picture, a movie, or even a podcast.

Now now now, this is not a new year’s resolution. This is a kick in the arse that I’d rather give myself than someone else. 🔥

Happy New Year to all the hustlers and the ones figuring out the hustle. ❤

This will be a series that will continue as I keep learning and accepting. Find me on Social! Tell me what’s your Macro Decision for this year!