How Instagram is one-upping Snapchat. Also new features!

All this hullabaloo over Instagram ripping of Snapchat features brings only one thing to mind “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”. As uncannily similar the disappearing stories and doodling abilities may be, Instagram has taken Customer Engagement to another level. Keeping in mind that business tools are still in a nascent stage in India for Snapchat, access to a business profile on Instagram is a boon to say the least.

Snapchat revolutionized how App Interactions existed. Breaking the flow of consuming content in a ‘scrolling’ format to horizontal navigation, it was a bloody game changer. The Discover section gave content houses like Mashable and Refinery29 to create a richer content consumption method. Similarly, the Live Stories section got events and experiences to collate user generated content and create a richer digital experience for its consumers.

Instagram Stories have somehow taken stories for business accounts to another level. By adding a CTA to redirect to a website by swiping up, using improvised content on Stories has the ability to nudge consumers into a conversion funnel. Recently launched, Instagram Live elevates engagement to a new high. Generally, communities on Instagram are tight knit with heavier engagement stats than Facebook, Instagram Live is the cherry on the cake that is the dream of non-intrusive content.

Gary Vaynerchuk best said “Instagram is Sales and Snapchat is branding”. Marketers need to remember that as much as our inner beasts scream for conversions, finding the blend of value adding and sales driving content is the key to Sustainability. We at Surfing Monkey, are looking into integration our clientele heavily into these platforms to ensure the best of both worlds.

P.S: Instagram Live was launched a couple of days back for Business Accounts. One drawback is that the footage is not saved to your camera roll. It exists only when you’re live with a delay of around 10–12 seconds.

As of today, the save feature has also been launched on Instagram which allows you to save content for later consumption similar to Facebook.

Mayank Srivastava