Just Another Marketing Agency?

About two years ago, I stumbled into a marketing agency. What interested me in my initial perspective was this beautiful image of helping brands scale and being completely into it. As I transitioned into a leadership position the image changed into figuring that fine balance of running a business and scaling other businesses as well. Not such a pretty place, I tell you.

It’s this continuous struggle between wanting to execute every single idea that you get and understanding what’s operationally feasible for you. The word “Jugaad” comes into play often and is a savior 80% of the time. As the company grew and so did the clientele, a few things changed and I had to make call to move out of the older agency. The reason was the speed and pace of execution which equipped me to do the best for my clients and be operationally stable. So, 2.5 years into a safe zone, I quit this September to start an agency.

Over my course of working with Novus Communicate, I had developed a strong affinity for design and becoming efficient at creating visuals very functionally and aesthetically awesome. (so to say) With the new agency, Surfing Monkey, my initial goal was to be able to create content that is strong, value adding and financially feasible considering that small businesses do not have the budgets to venture into Video Content (for example). With two months into SM, delivering Video content to Unilever, Ideating over Digitizing Big Bazaar and working on what possibly will be the biggest food festival in India, the reality of delivering high quality content is materializing. Being close to build a fully equipped production team within the company, we’re able to churn out stronger and more value adding content. The objective in this new venture is to align our objectives seamlessly with the client’s objectives. Seems to be the strongest way to scale your clientele and yourself.

Just another marketing agency? See for yourself. ☺

Looking forward to this journey!

Mayank Srivastava