Mobile application development boom & developer paradise in Android phones launch 2018

Mobile application development boom & developer paradise in mobile launch 2018

Mobile application development service industry in India is growing at faster pace. The credit for immense growth goes to mobile apps. There are two giants in the industry which are taking it by storm, namely Android and iOS. The former has the largest users and the latter has highest revenue. They are both trying to beat each other in their strength. Hence, throughout the year — both these technology giants release a lot of magnificent stuff. How they have given boom to the mobile app development industry and have been favorable to consumer is mentioned below:

Win-Win Situation for the Customers — In the most known battle of the technology sector, between Android and iOS, users are the real winner. When these technologies lock the horns, they come up with better things at lower cost. This is how consumers get benefitted from both the sides, quality and cost. At the other side, developer get the advanced platform to develop something new and innovative.

Increasing Customers — The customers of these two mobile operating systems are increasing at surprising rates. The increase in customers result in more number of app downloads. This create new opportunities for the mobile app developers to serve their need by creating something extraordinary.. It also give rise to employment and revenue generation.

Everything at Fingertips — The sea of mobile applications has something to offer to each and every individual with respect to his industry/professionalism or personal interest. This has helped the customers to have almost everything on fingertips. It has made the life of the people easy as they can now have everything pretty easily with the help of android mobile applications development in India.

The boom in the mobile app development industry is directly proportional to the interest of the customer. Greater the boom, higher will be user’s interest and vice-versa. This is actually a positive thing for the ever growing mobile technology.

Coming on to android app development industry. The reason for choosing android and keeping iOS at bay is — it has more users than its competitor. Android, since Google has acquired it, has shown tremendous growth in the market. At instances, the OS faced challenges and problems but it kept on improving and providing better results to its customers. From cupcake to Oreo, look at the changes that android has brought in it. They are really remarkable and applaudable.

The journey has not been easy for the android because there were times when android was trolled for its performance in comparison to iOS. But, the progressive approach of the same kept it alive in the market and today, we see android competing with iOS, neck to neck. This has been possible through continuous research and development & yearn to achieve highest feat in the market. The next target of android is to beat iOS in terms of quality and performance.

Everyone is eyeing on the upcoming year — 2018 for the new android version to launch. The way android naming streak is going on, everyone knows that it will start with the english letter P. However, people are more concerned about — what it will offer? Whether it will be a slight update version or will be packed with surprises? The way android is moving the latter seems more probable. However, it will be interesting to see what big changes it come up with in the newer version. Also, we should not oversee iOS as it is known for bringing beyond the expectation technology. The fight will get even more difficult now because even iOS is in alert mode and we cannot imagine what new thing it can bring for the customers stunning android and other competitors in one shot. However, whatever happens — it will be beneficial for the users and that is the best thing about this competition. So it is surely going to be a great time for the hired developers of mobile applications in India and abroad.