What would have Apple packed in iPhone 7?

Apple has always followed the trend of keeping secret regarding its product’s release and specification, and the same create an urge among the Apple fans, critics and experts to take a dig into the possible specification of upcoming gadget.

The rumours regarding iPhone 7 release and specification is flowing high in the market and every individual is taking a dip into the pool of its own estimation which are mostly based on the style of the tech-giant Apple and the trend that they have kept following.

While some of the experts believe that iPhone 7 is still at an development stage and won’t be unveiled until christmas, at the same time — the other part of tech industry brainies are looking September 09 as its release date. However, the latter estimation holds the weight as the last two predecessors of iPhone 7, namely 6 and 6S, were released on the same date of the respective last two years.

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Originally posted on Narolainfotech.com