Like the moon, faith waxes and wanes….

Some days I feel like my faith is really running on empty and I need a “pick me upper” to get myself back on track. This normally happens when I lose focus and I disconnect from my true self.

It’s a combination of my heart, my gut and my conscious mind all wrapped together to form an intangible lump of feelings. Not the touchy feelly feelings. But rather the deeply connected sense of knowing that you get when you tap into the guidance and wisdom from a Source outside of you that connects to a soul inside of you.

When we connect to this our faith is recharged and we find ourselves renewed and ready to take on the world again.

I thought I needed to be connected to this part of me all the time in order to successfully walk my journey and live the life God intended for me. Until I learnt about the waxing and the waning of the moon.

“On a clear night the moon can often be seen in the sky in different attitudes. It seems to cycle through a series of shapes, from full sphere, to a hemisphere, to a crescent, to nothing at all. These strange attitudes can be explained by the fact that the moon does not have its own source of light. What is seen of the moon from Earth is only by the reflected light of the Sun.”

It dawned on me then that we are pretty much like the moon. We have different attitudes and we cycle through a series of hemispheres in our own lives. We are affected by life experiences and challenges and as we move through them our faith dips and rises depending on our state of mind and the openness of our hearts. The Light of the Creator reflects through us much like the light of the sun reflects through the moon.

Some days I feel like my faith needs a pick me upper, other days it feels like the Light is bursting out of me……this is nature of faith.

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