Netflix has embedded itself so deeply that we think of it as a part of ourselves
Do you date people who watch Netflix?

Netflix has embedded itself so deeply that we think of it as a part of ourselves

Nope, sorry I disagree. No one actually watches Netflix.

Let me qualify that; no one goes to the Netflix website and simply stares at it, (excepting a few UX enthusiasts, who will, undoubtedly at some point, give in and watch a show,) because the Netflix site is just a portal. Its purpose is to deliver TV shows and movies, which many people watch. So what in fact people are saying when they quote Netflix as an interest in their dating profiles, is “I like to watch TV and movies”.

Big deal. Most people enjoy those things. “Netflix” has just become shorthand for “watching TV and movies”, due to it allowing us to binge watch series’ and watch to our own schedule, to the point where the brand becomes synonymous with the activity. (Think people “Hoovering” instead of vacuuming the house, etc)

There are relationships I have that have been instigated or otherwise strengthened by both of us liking Firely. Or 30 Rock. Or Arrested Development. We fire quotes at each other safe in the knowledge that we share a similar sense of humour or were both shocked by Wash’s death in Serenity. It’s how humans interact and network: find commonality – which is a vital skill when selecting a potential mate.

My point being, don’t confuse people “liking Netflix” with people liking their favourite movies and shows ON Netflix. They’re not assuming Netflix as part of their identity, they’re using it as a quick way to get to the next step – “What shows do you like?” Those stories are what they identify with and use as part of their vetting system.

You can guarantee if their tastes differ wildly, Netflix itself will not be the glue that keeps them together. (e.g. If my wife had been a huge Sex & The City fan instead of liking Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we wouldn’t have been married these past 5 years.)

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