Yes I am , Biology and Computer science (two degrees)

And have you ever undertaken a humanities course in your life? There is a replication crisis, but that’s also happening in the natural sciences, especially biology and medicine, though it is true that it is the worst in psychology specifically. However, the point of that is not that social sciences cannot or should not be replicated, it’s that the scientists, again across many fields including natural sciences, in general are doing a poor job of what they can and are supposed to be doing. Mainly for the lack of trying, not the impossibility of proving social and psychological facts.

Also, ignoring subjective experience of others to such a degree is outright ethically reprehensible. I mean, are you the Borg? Do you at least believe that science should consider ethics? Because ethics are definitely entirely a branch of philosophy dealing with subjective facts. Also, that science is a branch of philosophy is not even a controversial statement. I’m actually stumped, I didn’t expect to ever have to argue that. Given your confidence in the ease with which the universe can be understood, I’d also like to know your opinion of the chaos theory. Or what are dark energy and dark matter. Or how to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity.

I guess I shouldn’t even be continuing in this thread, but normally I’d consider opinions like these to be a caricature of what natural scientists are thinking, an exaggeration. It’s genuinely disappointing, and actually alarming.