You certainly have a more optimistic outlook then I do on the situation.
Daniel DeMarco

There absolutely are bots here, like everywhere else, but without any additional information, it would be hard to differentiate a passive reader person from a bot, so it’s hard to gauge exact proportion. I have no idea how many paying Medium members there are, but a bunch of them is among my new subscribers every day, and those are very likely not bots. Other than that, I get all kinds — with or without profile pictures, companies or persons (many more persons), with weird or normal names spelled in every which way, some with filled out profiles and some without, some who already interacted on Medium.

Though as for the obvious weirdness of names, I’ve changed my perspective on that ever since I’ve started working for Red Hat — as it is a global company, everyone has a unique and totally crazy name, no name is normal or repeats even once. At any rate, as you said, it doesn’t hurt on the ego, but as such, it’s mostly pointless. The only approach that makes sense is focusing on definitely real people who do interact with you and your writing. I choose to use Medium as a platform where I can hone my craft and collect my thoughts, and for that purpose, it sure beats a drawer. Or the Czech literary “scene”.

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