Wishing Upon a Dark Star

Since Medium asked me nicely, I have dug deep and discovered an unpublished poem. I hope that’ll do. Happy world poetry day, everyone!


What a hopeful name for now
As if each day was supposed to be Christmas
As if I should simply be given
whatever I wish all the time

I don’t know about you
I think I’ve been nice
But what I’m getting
moment to moment
is absent

Amounting in total
to a future-shaped hole
Only getting more dark
as time slowly passes me over in line

It’s true
I’ve only ever lived in the past
and got evicted
No reason, some rhyme
Fate always showing me
what I should have predicted

We’ve gathered here today
you and me
to honor my memory
Because that is all we are
And all we’ll ever be

It’s fine
No need for tears
It was great while it almost lasted
The moment when
something that doesn’t really happen
feels like forever
But enough tragedy
I believe this is actually a thank you

If I could
turn back the time
trying to change anything
would be a crime
It may have been sad
but it wasn’t wrong
you were there for me
when I had to be strong
You can only learn if you happen to live
never forget
but do forgive

There’s no one at all
I’d rather see
have happy future
without me

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