“The Boys Hockey Tournament in Levin”

We’ve been to Levin to compete the hockey tournament from 28th August to 2nd September . Levin is the place where is around NZ’s capital city,Wellington.

We’ve taken 3 cars(include the school van) to go to Levin. And also it’s taken 6 hours to get there from Taupo where we live. Inside of the car was so noisy in a good way. My team isn’t organized just only seniors but also juniors such as 12 ~13 years old. So they are active guys, and they play with each others (they are so stupid. They were hitting with cushions each other. LoL)that’s why that wasn’t bored journey even taken 6 hours.

Levin was the small town and the population is about 20,000. It’s smaller than Taupo where I’m staying. And also it’s surrounded by daily farms so we have really nothing to do such as shopping or whatever. So this trip was just like camping(nah,exactly camping). The toilet was so stink,dirty and damp.(“Bloody fell!!” That was also scarily place. I don’t wanna go to there any more. That’s absolutely nightmare!! When I was takin’ a shower, the light was disappeared in sudden. The reason is still mystery.).

Anyway, we were the 7 place in the tournament. My team is a sort of young team. We’re not satisfied with this result but we’ve done our best.

And we have a tradition in this team like, if someone miss something(fault play or whatever my coaches like),we had to drink a cup of stink drink or shave our hear. The drink made from onions,fish eyeballs and etc. and taste so yucky. Unfortunately I had a bloody card in a game, so I got the stink drink and hear cut.(holy shit!!)

↑a boy who got his numbers’ hear cut. Choice!!

Anyway we’ve had a great time with the hockey tournament!!

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