MY MORNING EXPERIENCE with the president.

I’m over here sipping on some really nice, really fragrant blend of Columbian coffee. With a mug in one hand, an oatmeal-full spoon (lightly sprinkled with chia seed, very health conscious like & very important) in the other. You know, reading the morning “up to dates” low and BEHOLD. This crap gem falls onto my lap.

🙄 Ah, sweet and gentle Jesus. It’s never just a normal boring day anymore with this guy at the helm of his twitter account.

…the days of “10ways to spice up your potato” are surely behind me. Though I pine for them. So informative.

Yeah, well, anyways. Back to this ball of fury. This, of course, says more about his lack of confidence in his own mouth when conversing behind a closed door, in general, than anything. Also that ammunition is always given out, like popsicles in a remote toasty village on a VBS summer missions trip. Seemingly allowing us to conclude that Now ex FBI director Comey, is no little Judy and probably has some ammo.

But…back to character! Fret not! Young asparagus, that’s never stopped the frantic tweeting about it before. Persistence. Perseverance. Patience. Those words basically make the man.