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Livestreams are everywhere these days, from popular gaming sites such as Twitch to more casual everyday apps like Instagram. Apps use live streaming and live video to help connect users and add another level of interactivity to their platform.

If you think about modern live streaming, there are many different details to consider when building your application. For instance, most popular streaming platforms also include live chats in addition to live videos. For developers, this adds more overhead in terms of time and cost.

This article will briefly look at technologies powering live video and build a small streaming application…

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Picture this, you’re running UI tests on your Flutter application when it dawns on you, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I can capture the state of my UI at various stages during the testing process?”.

If that person is you or you’re intrigued, you’ve found the right place. In this article, we are going to look at configuring and capturing screenshots in Flutter using Codemagic!

For those who may not be familiar, Codemagic is a dedicated CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) platform for Flutter. It supports building and testing your applications across all platforms currently supported by the framework.

Picture this, you open an app, tap a button and another screen fades in…cool but boring. As a developer, you are always looking for ways to make your app stand out in the sea of millions. For those who are building their apps with Flutter, custom animations are not difficult. An AnimationController paired with a few tweens and you’re equipped to rule the world.

Under the hood, Flutter uses Route Animations to handle screen transitions. The framework has two main types out routes, PageRoute and PopupRoute. …

A look back at the first year of the Flutter Community by Nash Ramdial and Jay (Jeroen) Meijer

The idea for Flutter Community was simple; create a place that users can visit to find the latest packages and articles written by Flutter developers from around the world. With this goal in mind, we set out to make it a reality. First, our GitHub organization was created by Simon Lightfoot (The Flutter Whisperer) and Jeroen Meijer. This was quickly followed by the Flutter Community Medium Publication, maintained by Nash Ramdial and Scott Stoll.

From the very beginning, there was a lot of enthusiasm from the wider community about the idea. Articles and packages slowly began filling Flutter community…

Last year at Flutter Live, the team announced to the world that they were working on bringing Flutter to the web. Earlier this week at Google IO, the Technical Preview of Flutter Web (formerly called Humming Bird) was made publicly available to developers for testing.

Today we are going to cover four things:

  • A quick recap of Flutter
  • What is Flutter Web
  • Installation
  • Web in practice (aka let’s build something using Flutter Web)

— Building a UI

— Custom Fonts

— Working with assets

— Responsiveness


First, the basics, if you are new to Flutter or you’re casually browsing the…

A few weeks ago I shared a gif on my Twitter showing a really simple yet cool animation for a fictional app. The animation in question consists of two parts, the translation of elements from the bottom of the screen to their final position and the change in opacity as elements appear on the screen. In this article, I am going to cover how it was made.

Setup / Planning

At the beginning of 2018 Flutter was an Alpha. Now 12 months later we have Flutter 1.0!

January 2018 — DartConf

The year started at Dart Conf where Tim Sneath and other members of the Flutter and Dart engineering teams took to the stage to inform developers of all the ongoing changes and development taking place with both technologies.

The major reveal of DartConf was Dart 2, a major reboot of the Dart. Dart two mainly focuses on improving the language. It consists of a lightweight syntax, enhanced strong mode and many under the hood optimizations to make the language faster.

Before Dart 2…

This week marked the end of another #HumpDayQandA. Like the previous weeks, the day was filled with many insightful discussions.

This week we were joined by Flutter and Dart’s Group Product Manager, Tim Sneath. Tim provided us with updates on Flutter, giving us some extra details regarding the upcoming Flutter Live event such as the duration of the main keynote(90 minutes), demos, announcements, live stream, etc. He spent some time chatting with everyone, curious as to the reason people chose Flutter.

After Tim left, the remaining members of the Flutter Community each introduced themselves and shared projects they were working…

This post is the first in a series of post detailing the events of #HumpDayQandA.

Many people from the Flutter Community joined us to talk and ask questions about Flutter. Last week, we turned #HumpDayQandA into a two-day event. Wednesday was reserved for asking questions and discussion while Thursday, Simon Lightfoot lived coded an app.

Topics Discussed

We were joined by two guests from the Flutter team. Filip Hráček and Matt Carroll both joined and discussed various aspects of Flutter. Some of the topics talked about are scoped model and it’s simplicity for beginners, RXVMS, BLOC, Firebase for Flutter including the…

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Flutter provides some really nice scrollable widgets out of the box such as ListView, GridView, CustomScroll view etc, but what if you want to animate your content as they enter or leave the list? How would one achieve this?

Well the answer, Animated List.

Animated List

AnimatedList is a widget Flutter provides out of the box for animating items as they are added or removed. This widget is similar in structure to ListView.builder in the sense that both widgets have options for the initial item count as well as a builder for constructing the widgets. …

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