TN Court of Appeals upholds equal parenting time for a post-divorce modification

Morgan E. Smith
Jun 21, 2015 · 1 min read

A happy story for a local Father: the Tennessee Court of Appeals has upheld another post-divorce modification to equal parenting time where the Mother would act to prevent the Father from visiting the minor child at her day care and moved 30 miles away. Leonardo v. Leonardo is a post-divorce modification of a parenting plan that originally gave the Mother 256 days and the Father 109 days. The divorce was filed in Davidson County Circuit Court in Nashville. Although the Court did not find intentional interference with the relationship, they did take note that the Mother regularly put her personal conveniences above the relationship of the Father and the child. The new statute strongly advocates for parenting schedules that are as close to equal participation in the child’s life for both parents as is feasible given the circumstances. The statute has strong teeth in situations where a primary residential parent is not forthcoming or helping cultivate the relationship between the child and the ARP. You can read the full opinion here.

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Case link not work? Leonardo v. Leonardo, No. M2014–00372-COA-R3-CV — Filed June 18, 2015

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