Pitch Night… Week#3 The Refiners

Kind of took me some time before I could write about that week.

First of all because it was a very hard week on the work side.

Before he had to go back to Paris, Christophe, our co-founder had us understand we had to speed things up before he left. So we did and we spent the week working our asses off !

As ever… but even more.

On top of everything, we had the pitch Night coming up. And let’s face it, after 2 and a half weeks of ever changing content, concept and even name, we were not sure we could even pitch anything.

Too bad though, because there was a lot at stake that night ! We had to be as convincing as we could to raise fake dollars from the public attending the event !

Elodie wasn’t on top of the pitch the day before… but as usual, she did the job and our pitched got the attention of some people because we raised 2,8 million fake-dollars. 3 millions less than the winners that night, but the ego-boost was there ! And that’s all we needed that week !

With Christophe leaving, our oldest daughter was also going to pack her stuff and go back to Paris and see her father at the end of the week. And that’s never a good feeling for us. We hate having to separate our daughters, and we hate letting her go. But that’s life, right ? Modern families are dealing with shared stuff and split things and double gizmos… we deal with long distance flights… I guess there are worse things in the world. But the minute she leaves, we miss her and we can’t wait for her to come back. And that will be in 15 days.

To ease the pain, we were welcoming a friend from Singapore on this weekend and this was a blessed moment ! Always great to see friends when abroad, but with Camille, there always is a feeling of enchantement : she and Rico live in Singapore and travel a lot, and we would love to live expatriation the way they’ve been doing for 15 years. Everything seems so good and easy when we look at them ! And for us, “new” and temporary expats, it’s always a good example and an encouraging image to help project ourselves in the future…

Having Camille over was also a good way for us to do some stuff during a weekend when we might as well have done nothing because of the tiring and “sad” week we just had ! :) So thanks to her, we discovered the painted streets of the Mission district and had a blast walking up and down Valencia Street. And we got to see a naked-golden-dicked-dude walking on Castro…. which needed some explanations for our girls… and that was a bit challenging….

This was a weird week.

But thanks to Victor, our neighbor and co-fleet member The Refiners, we also got to taste the great food of the Poké Bar at The Market, two blocks from the office. And this, my friend, made our day. At least twice this week ! And while we’re at it, Christophe invited us to Koo, a great japanese restaurant the day before he left and this was a good time too ! So : when in pain or sorrow…. EAT ! (that’s my advice !)