A long way

Seems like the shortest distance to something is a straight line. Cutting corners and being massively overwhelmed will leave you feeling hopeless. I decided that what we want won’t immediately appear. I think my favorite example is Aloe Blacc. I love his journey and I know people hate it, when I talk about music people that they don’t know.

Well I guess it depends whom I’m speaking with. I love him his path to success because it was bound to happen, just not when he was dishing out thee most amazing, songs with Exile. I think it’s more or so why I’m discouraged to speak about architecture, I’m discouraged to talk about the way I see things. I know we have to make the most out of what we have, and we’re no where near where we should be with design. I know this is my point of view but why are we taking the long way to simple answers?

Its a mere of hiding great architects with the real vision. I always tell people, I don’t care how others do it, or who does it first. It’s about me. The things implemented in my head, letting go of the basic foundation and going for a goal bigger and more boring has been the route I’ve chosen.

Its truly and utterly a shame, but I never lose focus of what’s important.