Your counterpoint and discourse relating to this post fascinate me.
D. Nettleton

Thank you for the feedback and for your kind words about the substance and your view on the quality of writing.

As to your feedback, I should admit that the original draft was a lot more…confrontational. It is due to the efforts of many patient others that what actually got posted was less so. I probably still have some work to do and your point is being heard and represents a useful reminder to me. No promises though, for reasons I shall go into lower down.

I am glad you find my counterpoint and discourse on this fascinating, substantial, and well-written.

I should be even more glad were I to learn you found them to be cogent and convincing as well. Or even if you were to find them opaque and unfounded, of course.

Sadly, you appear, perhaps even most carefully, and possibly for excellent reasons, entirely silent on that matter. ;-)

I feel this to be my loss, but your comment, for many reasons has been one of the most interesting I have read nonetheless.

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