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Hello Justin,

You really can’t see it? The assumption that essentially all publicly funded scientists are ‘liberals’ is a cookie cutter oversimplification, and irrelevant. So let’s ignore that. You’re discussing the social implications of science and misconduct of the people engaged in it. The latter is relevant primarily in social terms. As a scientist I’m interested in making a contribution to society by understanding aspects of nature. Making sure that others, masquerading as scientists, don’t mislead our understanding in the name of some other agenda is also part of my job description. This can only be done by reason and evidence. On the other hand, my opinion on anything such as politics and science (which is unstated), or yours (which is stated) do not serve as a tool that others can use to shape their own view. It can only lead to others assuming someone else’s view. So, I was prompting, challenging you even, to act with substance in support of your view.

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