Randi Lee Harper Runs A Twitter Mob And Works With Twitter Safety. Yep.

Randi Lee Harper runs a “mob of harassers.” She says this of himself in her tweets.


Randi Lee Harper also tweets with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has met with Twitter Safety and works with Twitter on policy matters.


Randi tweeted with former Twitter employee Peter Siebel, apparently an engineer who was once assigned to priority Twitter safety projects.

Randi, who claims to be “privileged” even hacks “protected” Twitter accounts and tweets her findings.


The account she hacked, @urgency, is still on Twitter with “protected” status.

The hacking of this account, which would be Twitter’s server leads to several serious quesitons of legality and potential felonies as Twitter is undenabily an interstate commerce website.

We will not go into these issues here.


lest you think this might not be that imporatant Randi has threatened to pull down the metadata of other twitter customers and has a history of doxing people on twitter.


Notice how carefully framed Randi’s overt agression is. She’s the victim. “If you tweet.”

However since “spam” and “harassment” is subjective, per Randi Lee Harper herself, what is it that can or can’t be tweeted to her that will or won’t set this powderkeg off?


It’;s clear Twitter is ok with blatant threats and intimidation of others by Randi Lee Harper.

It’s hard to believe Twitter takes Consumer privacy and safety seriously when people openly hack their accounts.

Randi frequently posts truthful tidbits about what she knows about Twitter.


Twitter says that user CAN opt out of quality filtering but then again Twitter denied shadowbanning and being biased for years.

So how does Randi Lee Harper use her mob?


She tweets to them with the target assigned.


Here Randi Lee Harper tweets to now suspended mob abuser @2dammuslim.

@2dammuslim an anonymous troll, but in reality a New York attorney associated with AG Schneiderman laid out how he and his friends abused others when called upon.


While Twitter General Council (then) Vijaya Gadde was telling the world how Twitter was fighting abuse they had a serial abuser with a non disclosure agreement abusing Twitter customers.

It’s NOT just Randi Lee Harper who knew what @2dammuslim was doing. These abusive accounts existed in plain sight and other friends of Randi’s, such as @glinner, used to to target and harass journalists.

These users often hide behind the veil of anonymity on Twitter and create multiple accounts expressly for the purpose of intimidating and silencing people.

Apparently there are some people Jack Dorsey disfavors. Mark Kern, immigrant to America from Taiwan, is one of them.

It’s sad that the Federal government had to get involved because Randi Lee Harper is empowered to abuse whomever she wishes.

Of course an abuser would like you to think that not only are you helpless in the face of abuse, but there’s no recourse. No due process.

That’s the Twitter Jack Built and the Abuser Jack Empowered.

Jack has allowed this abuse for years.

(H/t) Ev Williams Jack Dorsey Twitter Public Policy Vijaya Gadde Sen. Grassley Press Senator Dianne Feinstein