Tales From FresYes.

Jack Jarvis is a retired Fresno educator and juvenile justice system employee who says he was asked to run against Devin Nunes yet has no political connections in Fresno.


“John” is John Ellis. John works for Fresno Mayor Lee Brand as his Government Affairs Manager.

“@fresnomac” is Bill McEwen. Bill is formerly of the Fresno Bee and now is Editor for GV Wire.

Jack is the son of a Visalia Juvenile Judge (R) and California Congressman, also Republican.


Jack ran for office for Fresno Unified School District and narrowly lost.

Per Voter’s Edge Jack ran on a platform of:

Improving classroom climates by restoring previously used disciplinary policies and site administrator authority.

Jack posted on his Facebook page for his election that,

This kind of action by the student is one that can be seen being practiced in schools not only across FUSD, but the country. This a clear case of “willful defiance” where the student is given a chance to comply with lawful or appropriate directions,

Jack was going to run for President of Fresno Teachers Association.

Jack posted on Facebook,

“We need to change some things.”

After a meeting with the incumbent he decided against running.

I’m no longer running for President of Fresno Teachers’ Association. I am instead supporting our current President , Eva Ruiz.

Michael, of Der Manouel Insurance Group, formerly California GOP Treasurer, And President of Sunnyside Golf Club has this to say about Jack.

The Atlantic, reporting in partnership with UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism said of Fresno,

In Fresno’s justice system, from its police department, to its schools, to its jail, unequal treatment is the norm. Data obtained from the city’s police department shows that routine interactions with the police take a much heavier toll on black Fresnans than white.

For his part, Jack reached out to the Janz For Congress campaign to offer his services.


Andrew Janz is a Fresno County Violent Crimes Prosecutor.

Jack Jarvis says he is a “progressive Democrat.”


Strangely enough the former Principal finds himself restricted by Twitter an awful lot.


Jon “Bowzer” Bauman is a “legendary greaser” former member of Sha Na Na and uncle of Eric Bauman, Chair of the California Democratic Party.

He made a campaign appearance for Andrew Janz in early August, 2018.