$TWTR @the_moviebob’s account seems to be “Hate Speech” according to @jack’s new rules.

Anita Sarkeesian, AKA @femfreq, is an appointee to the strangely named Twitter Trust and Safety Council.

Bob “MovieBob” Chipman has written glowing articles about Ms. Sarkeesian and is in frequent correspondence with her on Twitter.

Ms. Sarkeesian also appreciated Mr. Chipman’s “thoughtful response” to her Damsels in Distress tropes episode.

Here’s some of Bob’s wisdom after Donald Trump somehow won the election.

Such ignorance of the economic conditions that impacted the “Rust belt” think collapse of family farms, steel industry, coal industry) make compromise impossible when you think you can read the minds of people.

It seems to be that “liberal elites” think they can read the minds of voters across the country.

It’s always nice to consider others “lesser” I guess. I don’t particularly like racists, in fact don’t like them at all.

However Mr. Chipman’s hate makes any sort of compromise impossible as his rhetoric is in fact the rhetoric being propagated on Twitter to a massive degree by SJW’s.

This hateful rhetoric is a direct cause of the election of Donald Trump.

You heard it folks. We are NOT “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” according to this self appointed guardian of holy liberal elitism.

“Hinterlands.” Did anyone tell this goof it’s a republican that believed in conservation that set aside the national parks in the first place?


Talk about selling fear. “Everything bad.”

Sounds an awful lot like Rome.

Except “The Capitol” isn’t self sufficent. It requires food and resources from “the districts” (hinterlands).

And in fact San Francisco cannot house their own homeless right now due to steel importation from China being blocked by unions and politics in San Francisco.

No. When you discount the real world concerns of those you hate, you make compromise and reason impossible.

It’s amazing @jack and @twitter give this man the platform they do. He’s atrocious.

Such hate.

Bob Chipman is precisely the type of person Bruce Springsteen sings about in “Born In The USA.”

Bob Chipman does the kicking as you hit the ground.

Bob Chipman is precisely why the United States has a Congress, Senate and electoral college. To prevent abuse by Bob Chipman’s.

Everyone is meaningful.


The astonishing dream of Bob Chipman