PAISS (PRAIRIE AI Summer School) Digest

Last July I attended a fantastic INRIA PAISS summer school in Grenoble, France, organized by the new PRAIRIE (PaRis Artificial Intelligence Research Institute).

We had a digest at work to summarize learning, feedback and ideas from ML conferences and summer schools. It is useful to have a fast overview of different research groups and the state of the art so rapidly evolving. What did you learn this summer or in your latest conference/school?

On the fun side, the visit to The Bastille was Super!, I tasted like 15 different yummy blue cheeses, talked to Yann LeCun in French(!:D), and met a bunch of new friends which, as in any machine learning event, all are fun folks :)

Above you can see the Bastille view, the mansion-offices of Naver Labs, who hosted a nice gala, and the last one is the location of the school at INRIA Grenoble :)