How to make the most of your dating chat?

Having spent some time as a client of one of marriage sites, I got good experience of how to be successful in dating chat rooms as well as clear understanding of how men should behave to make a girl chat with them. Very often, it seems to me that men using a dating chat forget what etiquette is. Trying to get attention of the lady they liked they write the things they would never dare say in real life. However, I am sure that this is not because men are bad or stupid; it is because many of them need some guidelines on how to make the most of their dating chat. So, I offer you to read about the most widespread mistakes that men can make while dating online and remember what you should escape to be a success.

Dating online
  1. It is not about the chat itself, but about your profile, because before answering your message the girl will look through your description first. So, in your profile you must not list the physical features you would like to see in your mrs. Right. It will make a negative impression and the first thing the girl will think about is: “Is he Apollo, or what?” Moreover, if the girl looks like a supermodel, she can be discouraged by the long list of your demands. Additionally, very often women have a low self-esteem, so even if SHE is what you need, she will never answer you, because she will think she does not fit the description of your ideal.
  2. Using a dating chat never ask your “interlocutor” about her weight. Believe me, you do not know much about the right proportions between women’s height and weight. Superb curves cannot have light weight, can they? You will have a chance to see and estimate all you want later.
  3. Write more about your character features, not about your favorite pastimes. Women do not care about what you like — hockey or football. They come to the dating chat to find their mr. Right. That is why you should write more about how much you love animals, how kind and patient you are. Try to write more details about yourself that are specific and make your profile different from thousands of “twin-like” descriptions.
  4. Be positive. Tell her about what you want rather than about what you do not like. Positive information makes a good impression on women. You must also never complain about your ex-girlfriends, especially using swear words. (many men do this) Be sure, the woman on the other side of the world will not be pitiful to you: what if you say the same about her?
  5. It is better not to mention sex. Women are afraid of men, who need “only one thing”. That is why it is better to avoid talking about sex at least in your first chats.
  6. Do not ask her how many men she is corresponding with or how many she has got acquainted with in a chat. It is doubtful that you will receive an honest reply, but if you do, you will not like it.
  7. Do not be greedy. It is quite clear that you want to get to know as many beautiful women as possible. But do not write each and every at the same time. You will not be able to communicate with all of them simultaneously. It is better to concentrate your attention on one or two that are really interesting for you. In your case, quality is not always equal to quantity. If you want a personal approach then you should ask help of professional matchmaker and become a client of matchmaking agency, i.e
  8. In conclusion, I want to say that these are not all mistakes, but most frequent ones that men make when they are using the dating chat and they are the reason why women do not want to communicate. That is why now that you have read about them, you will try to avoid such fluffs and, I am sure, you WILL make the most of your dating chat.
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