good things list — december

two weeks of january left and i still have not published this post. well, i’ve got a reason about which i’ll tell later. december was magical. really, i can’t rapidly recall any other month of last half a year which was that full of significant moments, amazing people, great events and warm feelings. in the end of the month, which also means the end of 2017 i felt exhausted yet absolutely happy and motivated for the next 2018. i wouldn't share some points because they are way too personal, but these below made december an important period of my life.

i’ve finished my master program

finally! i haven’t recieved my diploma yet but this piece of paper took a huge amount of my nerves mostly because i didn’t like the subject i’ve studied (never go study if you like your job but not sure that you are ready to dedicate your whole career to it)

found a new cool place to eat

yep, i can’t stay apart of any new spots in Saint Petersburg and especially if it opens on New Holland Island. a japan bistro Ronny, where we popped in surviving of rain, offers offbeat interpretation of asia cuisine (i’ve tried several positions from the menu — they are awesomely tasty) and cool interior to stay there for hours — eating, drinking and talking.

moved to parents

i rented my flat because of moving to israel and almost whole december lived with mom and dad. first time it was a bit uncomfortable as i used to live on my own for last 3 years but eventually it was so great to be with them this time, my last month in StPete ❤

trip to tallinn

tallinn is not my favorite place. never has been. at all. there are several reasons for it, but the main are: 1) wrong company (read: ex-boyfriend) and 2) weather — i’ve never been there anytime but winter, and i hate when it’s cold. 
this time wasn’t an exception in regard to weather, but my company was more than great as well as these 3 days we spent there drinking mulled wine, eating in the christmas market, talking and strolling around the city. so many remarkable moments and one more proof that a place doesn’t matter that much as a company does.

i loooove this pic ❤

new friends

by the end of the year i’ve acknowledge to myself firstly that i’ve got several new persons who became an important part of my life. personally it’s very hard to became close with someone i don’t know yeeears, so this point of my list is not only important for december, but for the whole 2017. love you, very much.

traditional movie with mom

every year we go to the cinema to watch «Elki» where i can't help but cry from the very beginning. people around don’t understand what happend, when mother just keep laughing on me. whatever, i can cry over the commercial.

write down my plans and goals for 2018

i’m that kind of person who got loads of ideas but need a constant reminder to remember about them. the list is continued to be updated and some points out of it are already done or started — e.g. i keep daily sleep schedule and preparing for CAE (some other plans were written down here).

NY party with colleagues

where we cooked appetisers, steak and muffins. my beloved OneTwoTrip team, i highly appreciate this year with you!

was close to fall in love

no explanations, okay?

It occurs that further points are connected with above one so i’ll stop here — as i said before i don’t like to tell about personal. however, these tiny moment played great role in my life, because even chatting with my bff in a bar means that i spend time in a right way.

Thanks for december that it was so inspiring and stunning ❤