My First #TwitterChat

My first twitter chat experience was interesting to say the least. I didn’t attend any of the typical ones I wanted to reach out to an audience that wasn’t social media or Public relations based. The chat took place from 5–7 PM and was called KidsCops&Computers they give technology and interest access to kids, who might otherwise go without, enabling them to compete academically. The question of the chat was “How do you think technology can be used to strengthen communities?” My response to that questions was “I feel technology can be used in communities for educational purposes and possibly environmental sustainability in the future” along with the hashtag to the twitter chat #kccchats. I then joined in with a couple others who had similar thoughts and I mentioned that possibly improving education with solar power may be an option in the future that Cana innovative a community in numerous ways. The chat was very refreshing and people had good thoughts from all different backgrounds. The major trend I saw from everyone was ways to help when environment and new opportunities that will help for innovative ideas. KidsCops&Computers quoted my tweet and agreed that technology = education and the rise of technological uses that can make the world your classroom.I was retweeted and followed by others included in the chat. This was also based out of Canada so I was interacting internationally with twitter uses that had common ideas. I would love to participate in more twitter chats because you meet and connect with new people that have new ideas for innovation. There was on strong quotes towards the end of the chat by KidsCops&Computers said “….uses technology to fight climate change issues, connect the community with police officers, help keep people wars, innovative and more.” Which was essentially all the factors I brought up in the start of the chat which made an impact on the rest of chat for the two hours. I did not know that twitter chat was a thing until I took a class that required me to join one however in the future I will look into other chats with interest that are more of the music industry.I recommend that everyone gives twitter chats a try at one point not only for the fun of it but for the networking you can make with others that have similar interest, hobbies or for professional purposes.