…or we could accept that fb isn’t a source for news, but a source for opinions.
Tim Resudek

I’ve been researching the plethora of highly questionable “news” sites (mostly on the far right, as that’s where most of the newest have sprung up) and it’s amazing how many FB pages exist only to share the stories from those pages, or several sites owned by the same person. And if you doubt how many people read them, look at the likes. It’s insane. “Angry American Patriots” FB page = 80,857 likes. “Hillary for Prison 2016" = 331,027 likes. “Proud Patriots” = 187,438 likes. The Proud Patriots website is just a news aggregator. Their landing page doesn’t even bother to complete the footer. It still says what comes on the template: “Newspaper is your news, entertainment, music fashion website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry.

Contact us: contact@yoursite.com” Yet 187,438 people think it’s a source that they can follow and share on Facebook. Their contact page (http://www.proud-patriots.com/contact/) is also still the template, so there is no way of contacting them to verify anything. So bizarre.

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