How To Keep Loving Someone
Jamie Varon

Fully agree with you. It’s easy to fall in love, but it’s not easy to stay in love when “life comes in the picture” as you said. Because life is all about ups and downs. When everything is great, people gravitate towards each other with ease. But when partner or both partners face difficulties that’s when love is being tested. And partners either learn to hold each other’s hand and face difficulties together or they simply will break up sooner or later or start seeking some “relief” on the side.

Relationship is not about “me” or “you”. It’s all about “we”. And you also mentioned one important thing — don’t bring wounds from the past into present. It’s important to not let wounds and insecurities stay in the way of future happiness. Another important thing is trust. Without trust it’s impossible to create something that lasts. Without trust partners won’t be able to freely communicate their wishes and desires. And lack of proper communication will affect relationship for sure because not every partner is good at guessing. To “preserve” that beautiful feeling that occured between people both partners need to put in work, to be there for each other. Things won’t magically fall into place. Who said that it would be easy? Nothing worthwhile comes easily.