Why You Cannot Find “The One”
Heidi K. Isern

It doesn’t really matter where we meet that “one” because the most important is to be patient when it comes to getting to know each other. It takes time to build trust and a deep connection on emotional level. Unfortunately, today’s abundance of choices makes people think that they need to meet as many people as possible. What if I miss someone worthwhile, my ideal? — they often ask themselves. But over time such chasing doesn’t translate into long term relationship with none of those candidates simply because relationship can’t evolve on a superficial level. The worst thing about it is that in the endless pursuit of those ideals, such people fail to notice those who already like them but don’t risk to take a first step because it feels like chasers are not so much into long term relationship. Two years ago one person invited me to meet. Maybe everything would be alright but two things stopped me — he couldn’t forget his ex for quite a long time, he immediately started liking pics of other “beauties” on social media. This alienated me. I somehow didn’t want to be a part of someone’s big list which keeps increasing … During these 2 years nothing really changed. But probably it was a good lesson.

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