Entrepreneurship: The Lonely Journey & Your Mental Health
Joshua Davidson

Mental health is an important issue. Especially when one works in a start up world, where everything is all about hustle and quick growth. Constant stresses and hustle exhaust our minds and bodies. It’s really important to have someone to talk to. And it’s better when that “someone” is really interested to listen and understand. It’s ok if that person is not a professional therapist as long as that person has genuine desire to help and you trust that person. As I have noticed, many entrepreneurs prefer to keep everything inside — they rarely share that they are lonely, that they feel bad about something. I understand they don’t want to open themselves, revealing their weaknesses. But keeping everything inside only exacerbates situation. It’s like leaving the wound to heal on its own when one actually needs serious medical treatment. When we stop behaving like superhumans and start taking our health more seriously, the quality of our lives will increase. We can’t achieve a lot when our soul and body are aching.