Stop Crowdsourcing Your Confidence
Darius Foroux

The truth is there are many people among our friends on social media who do notice what we post and even read our comments but they don’t press “like button”. And there are several reasons why they don’t do it. Some people prefer to like stuff only of those people whom they know personally (close friends, relatives) or met in real life at least once. Other people will start liking your stuff only because they know that they can somehow benefit from having relationship with you (if not now then in future). Some people start liking your stuff after adding you to their friend list but as they see that there is a low probability that you meet in real life, they start liking stuff of other “potential” friends and partners. Some people use your comments and posts as a source of inspiration for their own writings (however they don’t acknowledge it). Once you understand psychology of people on social media, you start taking these things easy.