Setting up a developer environment for contributing to the Javascript Open Source Ecosystem

🌳 ⛏✨

Contributing to an assortment of projects is a non-trivial task.

This post will provide actionable pointers for refining a developer environment with three areas of focus:

[A] Desktop Environment (macOS) 💻

  • I. The Search Keyboard Shortcut → Simplicity
    II. Window / Tiling Manager → Speed
    III. Multiple Desktops → Compartmentalisation

[B] Sandbox Environments 🏖

  • I. The Recipe for a JavaScript Sandbox → Command Line
    II. Additional steps for a React Sandbox → Next.js
    III. Unit tests in a Sandbox → Jest
    IV. Sharing reproducible examples

[C] Developer Tools 🛠

Natalie Marleny

✏️ Software Engineer specialising in web applications

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