Black people make up 24% of the citizens killed by police each year, despite being only 13% of the population (source: African Americans are 3 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than white people. In some cities, like Los Angeles, California, this statistic rises to 5.7 times more likely to have deadly force used on them, with Latinx 1.8 times as likely as a white person. Only 1 of the largest 100 police departments in the U.S. (Irvine) has a clean record of not using deadly force between 2013 and 2019. Police killed 1099 people…

6 Ways to Play CryptoCurrency and Blockchain. And A Few to Avoid like Madoff!

There’s a saying that during a gold rush, you want to be the one selling pickaxes. This year, everyone is hot on cryptocurrency and blockchain, though few understand what these platforms are really doing. So, here’s a breakdown on the opportunities and the pitfalls, and ways that anyone can profit. Understand that there are more than a few risks associated with investing in the next hot thing, and, therefore, you should be using fun money, not your retirement.

6 Ways to Play Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.


Drink in intoxicating elixirs of storytelling and performance, such as on stage now at the LA Opera with the classic Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, featuring the Joffrey Ballet … instead of the rather bland, one-note sodas of reality TV.

Lisette Oropesa (Eurydice) and Maxim Mironov (Orpheus) in a scene from LA Opera’s 2018 production of Orpheus and Eurydice. (Photo: Ken Howard) © LA Opera. Used with permission.

While everyone is up in arms at the outcome of the 9 ½ weeks televised romance of the love triangle between Arie, Becca and Lauren, there are stories of love that carry all of the drama — with higher themes that resonate more deeply in our consciousness and spark more than outrage. And that is the glory of art…

U.S. Soldiers assigned to the Texas Army National Guard arrive in Houston to aid citizens in areas heavily flooded by the storms of Hurricane Harvey Aug. 27, 2017. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by 1st Lt. Zachary West) Public Domain photo.

The hurricanes and flooding in Houston and Florida have galvanized our nation to come together and help those in need. Words cannot describe America’s heartbreak at the devastation and loss of life. Many of us acted quickly upon our heartfelt desire to be of service and to help, donating to the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, the Hand in Hand benefit and other organizations that are on the ground helping with the recovery and rescue. The Hand in Hand Hurricane Relief Benefit (a Comic Relief event) raised over $44 million. Congress came together with a $15.25 billion disaster relief package…

Anti-Nuclear Power Plant Rally on 19 September 2011 at Meiji Shrine Outer Garden. © WikiMedia Commons. Used with permission.

Power to the People! An Action Plan For 2017 and Beyond.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a long list of “I Will Not” circulating on the Internet. Muhammad Yunus, the creator of Grameen Bank and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, says that when we see a problem, we should create the solution. (All Nobel Peace Prize winners do that.) There is exponentially more power in action than in resistance. So, I turned the “I Won’t” list inside out into an “I Will” list. If you don’t agree with every single line item, that’s okay. …

The Earth Day Network is the world’s largest environmental organization, partnering with over 50,000 organizations in over 190 countries. For additional information about their environmental literacy resources, their No Child Left Inside and Green our Schools campaign, visit

This month, I had the pleasure to interview Kathleen Rogers and Ken Berlin, the president and CEO of The Earth Day Network and The Climate Reality Project, respectively. The interviews were centered on ways that we can all support a more beautiful common home, without a change in lifestyle. Their wisdom makes it easy to join in and be the change we wish to see for a healthier, cleaner world, which we all rely upon for existence, that is rich in the plants, animals, oceans and glaciers that we love so dearly.

8 Ways That Soul Candy Creates a More…

Clean Air. Clean Water. Clean Food. Clean Power. Clean Dialog.

As a child living in Morenci, Arizona, the largest open pit copper mine in North America, I would often dream of learning how to breathe underwater. It didn’t take an EPA report to know that the pollution spewing out of two smelters was toxic. After a lap or two of swimming underwater, I dreaded coming up for air. The pool water felt so much cleaner.

On June 20, 2017, the Climate Leadership Council published a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal, writing, “The Founding Members of the Climate Leadership Council believe that America needs a consensus climate solution that bridges partisan divides, strengthens our economy and protects our shared environment.” This got a lot of attention on Tuesday, since it appeared that the oil industry had finally gone green. It’s hard to argue against a plan put together with climate activists, such as Steven Chu, Michael Bloomberg and The Nature Conservancy, that is also backed by oil giants and corporations, like Exxon Mobil, Shell…

As Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 sings to the tune of $659 million in worldwide sales and scores #2 at the box office (after two weeks at #1), I thought it was appropriate to make a list of Earth Guardians to cheer for. This magnificent planet nourishes and provides for us, unlike any other rock that we’ve yet discovered among the stars. And there are countless Guardians of the Galaxy who are working ardently to keep is that way.

I’m titling this Guardians of the Environment, Volume 1 for many reasons. As I travel the world featuring the visionaries…

11 Fun, Easy Changes That Could Save the Planet

Learn more about successful bike sharing programs at and

Here are 11 Ideas!

1. Edible Schoolyard.

2. Save Money.

3. Save a Species.

4. Ride a Bike.

5. Plant a Tree.

6. Dine by Candle Light.

7. Dance Under the Stars.

8. Power up the Gratitude. Power Down the Grid.

9. Get Inspired with the Wisdom of the Sustainability Visionaries.

10. Commit to 14-Days of Gratitude & Sustainability.

11. Watch and Share the Earth Gratitude film

And here’s more info on each celebration.

  1. Edible Schoolyard.

As Gangster Gardener Ron Finley reminds us, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” Kids love learning in gardens. Replacing a…

Natalie Pace

Co-creator of The Earth Gratitude project & author of the Amazon bestsellers, The Gratitude Game, The ABCs of Money & Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is.

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