Mapping Australian AI Startups

In Australia, are we really lagging so badly behind in artificial intelligence (AI) or do we have some hidden talent in our entrepreneurial scene?

There is only one way to find out!

As part of the effort to create a National AI Roadmap, we at Data61 and the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur have been scouting for AI startups across Australia. We want to know what the current state of AI is in Australia but, more specifically, what strategies we need to put in place to make sure our startups succeed.

From the great responses we have received, we have compiled this interactive map of all the AI startups in Australia.

At present, our total is: 
Australia: 53
Queensland: 26
New South Wales: 12
Victoria: 12
South Australia: 3

A map of the Australian AI Startup scene (click to explore). Blue pins include startup name and website, where available, while black pins are respondents who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Do you belong on this map? If so, please complete the survey and we’ll add you!

For those who would like to have input on the national strategy but do not want to be identified, we are also more than happy to keep your details anonymous. For any other questions or edits, please also feel free to email me.

We will do our best to keep the map comprehensive and up to date so go ahead and share the map with others. Let’s keep building and sharing our wins in the AI scene!

Dr Natalie Rens (OQCE), Michael Evans & Dr George Quezada (Data61)