Hair ties

I am the rusting ends of hair ties.
I am the leftovers in your fridge.
I am the cheesecake we couldn’t finish.
I am the tissues in the passenger door.
I am the hairs littered across your empty bed.
I am the green flannel.
I am empty coffee rings on your notebook paper.
I am late night showers.
I am Bon Iver and Modest Mouse and Death Cab.
I am every good song you ever heard.
I am the earrings you wear, that you stole from me when we were 17.
I am the mascara stain on your blue button down.
I am the body pillow.
I am slammed doors and ceramic bathroom tiles.
I am the eyelashes in the sink.
I am the red beanie.
I am the swing where we had our first kiss and our biggest fight.
I am the first one
To have shown you love by
littering hair
and sleeping in your shirts.
I was the first.
I am the rusting ends of hair ties.