My Professor Asked Me for a Self Portrait.

If I were a punctuation mark, I’d be a comma.
I don’t like when things end.
I cry on the freeway a lot.
People say I feel too much.
I don’t think they’re wrong.
I feel unexplainable love for Kurt Cobain. I don’t fully understand why.
I fell in love once.
It turned me into clay.
I fell to pieces in his hands.
Peeling a clementine in one piece.
There is nothing more honest than a wilting flower.
On bad days, I’m the bottom layer of paint.
I believe in spending too much money on expensive shampoo
just because it makes you feel good.
Joni Mitchell.
I am the old hair ties in the top bathroom drawer
From a previous life full of ponytails.
Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Nothing ever stays the same.