5 Relationship Challenges Every Couple Faces

When couples first get together, things seem to be perfect. Unfortunately, after being together for a while, they can begin to face challenges that they never expected when they first met. If you are in a relationship and you start having problems, you should understand that you are not alone. There are 5 very common struggles that people in a relationship will go through.

1. Your Partner Can’t Be Everything That You Want

When you first get into a relationship, you expect your partner to be everything. You want them to be your soul mate, your best friend, your life coach, your sounding board, your shoulder to cry on, and your sexual partner. After being together for a while, you can become disappointed that the person you are with cannot be everything. If this causes too much friction in the relationship, they should consider couples counseling in London.

2. Your Partner Cannot Get Over Your Bad Habits

When you first meet someone, they seem perfect. Over time, however, you can start to see each other’s flaws. Your partner may be sloppy. They may forget to clean the hair from the drain after they shower, or they could forget to put the cover back on the toothbrush every day. If things are going to work, you need to find their bad habits endearing, or at the very least, learn to live with them. If you can’t, it can result in problems down the line. Changing a person is impossible, therefore, you need to learn to be accepting. It could take the help of a professional to get to the point of acceptance.

3. Monogamy Will Be an Issue

Regardless of how much you love your partner, your relationship can be tested by other people. Throughout your relationship, you will find yourself attracted to other people and other people will be attracted to you. When this happens, it is not uncommon to question whether or not you are with the right person.

4. Money Problems

When your relationship gets serious or when you get married, suddenly money can become a problem. If you are having financial problems, it can have a huge strain on the relationship. This is especially true if you have different spending habits. Money problems are a very common fight among couples of all ages. One of the most common reasons for breakups and divorce is money problems. If a couple cannot get through the problems alone, they should consider getting professional help.

5. The Sex Isn’t What it Used to Be

When couples first get together, the sex is always great. Most dates end in the two of you having sex. Over time, things can start to change. After you start moving up in your career, have children, and added responsibility, it is not uncommon for your sex life to start to fizzle a bit. The lack of intimacy can lead to the two of you feeling disconnected. This disconnection can cause serious problems.

Many couples go through the same struggles at one point or the other. Some couples can get through the struggles and remain together. Other couples allow these problems to come between them and destroy the relationship. The best chance that a couple has of getting through the struggles and moving on together is getting help from a professional. Couples therapy in London can help the couples learn to communicate and work through their issues before the problems tear them apart.

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