7 Pointers You Should Consider Taking Your Relationship to The Next Level

Dating can be fun. But what starts out as a casual fling through an introduction agency in Sydney can lead to a deeper and more meaningful connection. 
 How do you know when to take your relationship to the next level?

Here are 7 pointers to consider. 
 If you find yourself wanting to get rid of bad habits and have a new zest for life, then your partner may be to thank. Are you treating people around you better than you used to? Your relationship may be influencing you to be a better person. 
 There’s no point pursuing a relationship if you can’t be yourself. If you’ve dropped the facade and don’t feel you have to try to be someone else to please your partner then it’s a good sign your relationship is worth holding on to.

 Supporting each other is a crucial part of any successful relationship. Do you encourage your partner to reach for their goals? Do they help lift you up when you are feeling down? If your partner doesn’t support you or discourages ideas, then it might be time to cut the relationship short. But if you support each other when the going gets tough, you’re on to a winning formula.

 After a flurry of exciting dates, when the initial spark settles down, do you still enjoy your partner’s company? Are you happy doing mundane tasks such as housework in the weekend? Are you happy to stay at home and chill over a movie on the couch? Sparks will come and go in relationships, so it’s important to be comfortable with each other during the boring times of day-to-day life.

 Relationships are about give and take. If one party can’t compromise, it means the other person will be making all the sacrifices. Sometimes you have to give more, other times your partner will make greater compromises. If you can learn to meet in the middle you’ll learn to solve problems and be able to make bigger decisions together without starting a war!
 They broke your heart and for months you stalked them on social media to catch a glimpse of their life without you in it. Then you meet someone else. Suddenly your ex becomes incredibly boring, you forget about them and the only person you want to follow on social media is your new date. 
 Eventually you don’t even care about what your ex thinks of your new relationship. If you can make decisions based purely on how you feel toward your current companion without any influence or second thoughts of your ex, then it’s time to invest more into your existing relationship. 

Above all, it’s crucial to share the same values and goals with your partner. Your individual goals may vary depending on what you want to achieve, but if one of you plans to travel the world for ten years while the other wants to settle down to have children, then it’s pretty clear the relationship won’t get far. 
 Values are extremely important as often they aren’t an area of compromise. If your partner shares similar values and life goals then you’re more likely to be compatible with each other.

It can be a big step taking your relationship to next level. It’s not a decision to take lightly, but one that doesn’t need to be scary. If you can say ‘yes’ to the above considerations, then it’s clear you’re on the path to a successful relationship.