Bring your party to life with these essential party favors!

A party planner performs many tasks, but the most important — and difficult — duty is making sure guests are entertained. Guests might not like the music chosen, for instance. The food may be too spicy. Or, the theme could be viewed as boring. Few things can guarantee that guests will have a fun time. But, don’t worry. You can bring your party to life with these essential party favours!

Photo booths for hire are different from the usual party favour, because using the photo booth creates memories while capturing one. Here’s how they work. At any point during the photo booth rental, your guests can strike a pose and have it printed immediately as a souvenir. They can enter the booth solo, in pairs, or in a group. A single shot can fit up to fifteen people! Guests will have fun finding the right expression before the camera clicks, and laughing out loud with their closest friends or acquaintances. Photo booths are also great icebreakers. Inviting someone new to join in a picture can lead to interesting conversations. Party planners may even bring outrageous props or costumes to add a bit of lightheartedness. These photos are about enjoying the moment.

The best party favours are the ones guests value long after the party is over. A strip of photo booth pictures taken at your event may be preserved in a photo album, or placed in the corner of a picture frame. The novelty of a photo booth picture separates it from a selfie or digital photo, which are oftentimes seen as disposable. With a photo booth, picture-taking becomes an event. Deciding who to take a picture with, heading over to the booth, and posing together are a part of the activity. To make the pictures more special, guests can personalise them by adding borders, their names, or the date. Once your guests notice there is a photo booth, they will look forward to taking a picture.

Are you ready to bring your party to life with these essential party favours? To rent a photo booth, party planners can select from a variety of packages. The packages offer a range of features, including a personal attendant to ensure the photo booth is a success, and unlimited photos. The package chosen also determines the length of the rental, the design of the booth, and the amount of customizable options. If you’re unsure whether or not a photo booth will fit your party, you can test it out before committing. Photo booths can be used for numerous events such as weddings, school balls, corporate functions, house parties, night club promotions, and commitment ceremonies. And, depending on the package, the exterior can be customized to fit your exact theme.

In addition to being a way to thank your guests, party favours also liven up an event. Photo booths are a unique party favour. Instead of giving your guests a small present, you offer them a fun way to create one. The pictures taken in a photo booth are special souvenirs that guests will hold on to after the party has ended. Lastly, photo booths come in a range of styles suitable for events of all types. Making sure guests enjoy themselves is at the top of every party planner’s list, and you will definitely bring your party to life with these essential party favours. At Perth Premier Photobooths, you can find quality photo booths that will make your party stand out from the rest.

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