Here’s a Checklist for Organizing Sports Events

If you are looking for an event to raise money for charity, a charity sports event is an excellent idea. Not only can you get donations from the people competing in the event, you can also get donations from spectators. Serving food, drinks, and selling t-shirts can bring in even more money. If you are planning to hold a sporting event for charity, you should use the following checklist.

  • Secure a Venue

The first thing that you need to do is find a place to hold the sporting event. The venue would depend on the type of sporting event. If it is a charity football, softball, or soccer game, you can use a local park or field. You should contact the town or city officials to find out if a permit is required for the event.

  • Find Volunteers

To make the event a success, you will need volunteers. You will need people to assist people with parking, serve food, collect tickets and sell t-shirts. You will also need referees for the event. The more people you get to help out, the more successful your event will be.

  • Handle the Food and Drinks

If you are going to be serving food and beverages, you will need to first purchase the food and find someone to prepare and sell it. The cheapest way to go when it comes to the food is to serve hamburgers and hot dogs. You can have people working on a grill under a canopy preparing the food, and other volunteers can hand out the food and collect the money. When it comes to drinks, fill coolers with soft drinks and water bottles.

  • Have T-Shirts Made

Selling t-shirts is a great way to earn some extra money. They will also give spectators a chance to purchase a memento of the special day. You can either visit a screen shop to have the t-shirts made or you can create them yourself and have them produced on one of the many “create your own t-shirt” websites.

  • Procure Outdoor Facilities

If the venue does not have on-site facilities, you would need a portable toilet hire. When you contact the company, you need to keep in mind how many people you expect to attend and split them between male and female facilities.

  • Advertise

Advertising is important to get the word out about the event and to let participants know when the registration will be held. You can ask the local news to announce the event and the sign-up. You should also have the details regarding the registration and the event posted on the town or city’s website. Finally, place an ad in the local paper. The more people know about the event, the more money you will make.

  • Find Volunteers For the Clean Up Crew

When the event is over, you will need people to clean up the venue. Not only will they need to clean up empty bottles and cans, they will also need to empty the garage and break down the cooking area. It is your responsibility to leave the venue in the same condition that it was in before you got there.

  • Tokens for the Winning Team

Any good sporting event offers a prize for the winning team. This can be trophies or customized medals. There are a variety of sites online that sell these items. Also, if there is a local trophy store in your city or town, you can see what they have to offer.

Planning a charity sporting event is a lot of work, however, it’s worth it. These events make a lot of money.