Tips to Install Laser Printer Cartridges Correctly

A printer is an integral part of operating a business. There are documents, letters, reports and strategies to print. And, a laser printer is often the printer of choice where there is a high volume of printing. It is a more cost effective method of printing and still maintaining a relatively green business. But your business can come to a standstill if the printer’s cartridge finishes.

The focus then shifts to the installation and you have to wait for the technician to turn up before anything gets done at your workplace. Rather than being completely dependent on a third-party for installation of laser printer cartridges, you should know how to do it yourself and get your business running smoothly.

Is the Installation Difficult?
Thankfully, the designs of laser printers have evolved quite a bit and changing cartridges are no longer tedious and protracted like it was before. Printer manufacturers now make simple cartridges that can easily slide as well as lock into place within seconds. So, your office’s computer printer will be back in action within no time should the cartridge get over.

Steps to Replacing Printer Cartridge

Follow these steps to make printer replace quick and simple.

Squeeze Out as Much as Possible from the Current Cartridge: If you notice the cartridge ink beginning to fade or it dies during a printing job, don’t lose hope. You can still make it print the final few lines before it dies on you completely. Remove the cartridge and gently shake it. Be careful, as the ink can splatter on your hands and clothes. Then replace it and continue printing the document. You should be able to get a page or two completed before the cartridge ceases to work completely.

Removing the Cartridge: If the cartridge has stopped working completely, it is time to take it out. Open the flap of the printer and get access to the cartridge. Place a hand on top of the printer to steady your hold and with the other pull the cartridge in an upward direction to unlock the cartridge. Make sure you grip the cartridge firmly and don’t worry about cracking or breaking it, as laser printer cartridges are made from plastic, making them quite resilient.

Breaking in the Cartridge: After successfully removing the cartridge, use the owner’s manual to follow directions on how to install the new cartridge. Many times, the instructions are also mentioned on the packaging of the cartridge. So, there is no need to worry if you can’t find the manual. Then give a print command to print two to three pages in solid black. This is needed to bring down the powdered ink in the cartridge for more effective dispersal. After doing this, you can resume printing.

Finding Cartridges for Laser Printers
Today, thanks to the Internet, you don’t even have to leave your office to order new cartridges. You can buy the cartridges online. You have a choice between original and generic cartridges. However, if you want to maintain a green business, think about recycling or refilling the old printer cartridge. It is a good way to reduce your carbon footprints.
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