How to Love a Wild Woman

Natasha Link
Dec 21, 2019 · 5 min read

One look into her dark, mischievous eyes will draw you in, but it’s the joy of her laughter that will keep you yearning for more. She dances to the music that resonates with her soul, and doesn’t care who is watching. She is not afraid to go skinny dipping by the light of the moon or shed tears over anything that touches her heart. She feels everything very deeply and expresses herself openly. A woman like her appears to be “too much” for most men. But the right one will look like at her like she is the greatest adventure he’s ever set eyes on. The truth is, an ordinary man will not be enough for her. What she needs, is a Champion. A man who is brave enough to stand in the eye of the Hurricane because he realizes the true magnificence of it. If you look at her and feel an equal mix of excitement and fear, then you’re ready to embark on the quest of earning her heart.

She may look impulsive, messy, and chaotic at first glance. The one for her will see beneath that surface. He will notice that she leads with her heart, and employs a massive amount of passionate energy for anything she believes in. A woman like her will only cross your path once in a lifetime. She will erupt into your life like wild fire, igniting everything in her path. Whether you choose to go the distance with her or let the opportunity slip through your fingers, you will never be the same. If you are willing to level up and be the warrior that this wild woman needs, she will give you all her love. A love like hers will make you feel brighter than the glow of the sun on an endless summer day. Her fire will be enough to keep you warm for the rest of your days.

A woman like her has big dreams that continue to grow along each step of the way. For her, a mediocre life will not suffice. She requires spontaneity and fun amidst the daily routine. She’s insatiable in her quest to experience all that life has to offer. She is in love with feeling alive. At times she can become consumed with her desires, and get lost among clouds. You will need you to pull her gently back down to earth. If you can be her anchor, she will be your wings. She will push you out of your comfort zone, and show you the beauty of coloring outside the lines. Be prepared to grow exponentially with a woman like her by your side, because she won’t be standing still.

Her standards are higher than the tallest mountain, and you will have to reach the top if you want a life with her. She will expect more from you than you’ve ever given before. If you’re able to rise up to the challenge, you will discover it was worth it. She’s been through it all and won’t fall for any bullshit, so don’t even try. She learned to trust her intuition a long time ago and will walk away from anything that feels even the slightest bit off.

Trust is the most important thing to a woman like her. There were times in her life when she wasn’t sure if she could even trust herself. You are going to have to show her that she can count on you. She will have doubts that randomly creep into her mind, and you will have to assure her that you encompass the solidity of a rock. Be willing to reassure her when she needs it. Remain calm when she’s spiraling, and laugh with her when the green eyed monster shows it’s face.

Communicate as openly and directly as possible. She wants to know what you’re feeling and why. She needs to see that you’re as genuine as she is. You’re going to have to expose the vulnerability you typically try to hide. The shell of a man simply won’t do for a woman like her. She needs to understand your drives and motivations. She will help you go the distance and achieve all of your goals, as long as, you are just as supportive of her dreams and aspirations.

She will test you and push you to your limits, because she doesn’t want to waste her time. She must be certain you can handle whatever comes your way. She knows that life is unpredictable and she needs someone that will not falter during the darkest days. She has already been to hell and back, and survived everything that tried to break her. She knows she has what it takes to thrive in the face of adversity. Do you? This woman has the fierce heart of a gladiator. She is always ready to go to battle for others or herself, if the necessity arises. She has found her balance between being soft and strong, and embraces both the darkness and the light within. A heart like hers is rare in this world. Don’t ever take that for granted.

She’s been broken, but she was able to put the pieces of herself back together even better than they were before. All on her own. She doesn’t need saving, she just needs an occasional reminder that she’s not alone on this journey. Her flight or fight response is high. Her reactions may sometimes seem extreme. Recognize that they come from a previous place of fear, and make sure she’s never afraid of you. Be patient and make sure she knows you’re not going anywhere. If she really feels she can count on you, she will eventually stop having one foot out the door.

Understand her need for an escape plan. She has felt trapped before and will never allow herself to feel that way again. She needs the comfort of an exit strategy, just in case. The damage she carries causes her to feel like the only person she can rely on, is herself. Prove her wrong. You probably won’t need to slay any dragons, but she needs to be certain that you would.

You cannot seek to tame her. She will not be forced into a watered down version of herself to satisfy the ideals of a weak man. She needs room to roam, and the freedom to be who she is. If she feels too constricted, she will rebel against it. She is not docile or submissive, and doesn’t need to be doted upon. If she doesn’t feel she is seen as an equal, she will walk away without hesitation.

Her imagination runs rampant, which provides her with a vast amount of creativity if it’s directed in the right place. It can also cause serious anxiety if it’s not being channeled correctly. If you can figure out how to alleviate that anxiety and redirect her in a positive direction, you’ll solve the puzzle of her mind. A love like this won’t always be easy, but I promise you’ll never be bored.

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I am genuine, straightforward, and sarcastic. I have a BA in Psychology, an open mind, and a fierce heart. I hope to Inspire others with my words.

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